Ammar Radwan, born in 1969 in Syria .. Member of the Artists Syndicate as director and deputy director of the Film Club in the southern region …. He participated in four theatrical performances as a representative of the national theater in Syria, including the play (Nebuchadnezzar) by the writer Talal Nasruddin and the play (Al Negroj) Written by Jean Genet, play (Possibilities) and (Sharp) by writer Talal Nasruddin. He holds two awards for the best mass work of two small-hearted series and the biography of the biography of love, and the first prize for best director of the historical series (Resurrection of the Guns) at the European Union Bronze Prize Festival in Brussels in 2013. * In 2002 he directed comedies entitled “Nothing.”

In 2016, he directed the Kuwaiti social series (Special Case), and it was shown in Ramadan the same year on the MBC and Kuwait Television screens, and it is produced by Art Group .. And starring Abdul Aziz Al-Jasem – Haya Abdul Salam – Fouad Ali – Hussein Al Mahdi – Basem Abdul Amir – Amal Mohammed

In 2015, the Bahraini comedy series, Ayal Shamsan, was produced by Abu Dhabi Television. – In 2015, the joint Syrian comedy series directed a sedition of its time, produced by Al-Mahra Company, and filmed in Abu Dhabi .. Starring Samia Al-Jazaery – Hossam Tahsin Bey – Ahmed Al-Ahmed – Dima Al-Jundi – Abdel-Hadi Sabbagh – Alaa Shaker – Ahmed Ratib – Madeleine Tabar – Badria Ahmed – and others …

In 2014, the Emirati series is obsessed with the production of Abu Dhabi TV .. Written and written by Masoumeh Al-Mutawa and starring Ghazi Hussein – Souad Ali – Ibtisam Al-Abdullah – Abdullah Malak – Alaa Shaker – Candle Muhammad – Badria Ahmed – Abdullah bin Haider – Mira Al Ali and others .. In the same year, he, in cooperation with a group of directors from Croatia and Egypt, directed episodes of a series of 120 episodes .. titled Motromono (Second Chance) produced by mbc and it was shown in the same year ..

In 2013, he moved to Lebanon to film the series, “The Resurrection of Guns,” a historical dramatic series that takes place between 1912 and 1926 in Jabal Amel, during the period of the Ottoman occupation that followed the Sykes-Picot Agreement, until the declaration of the State of Lebanon in the year 1920. Nabulsi and the production of the “Beirut International Center”. The leading roles in the work are performed by a group of prominent Lebanese actors, including Ahmed Al-Zein, Pierre Al-Dagher, in the name of Mughniyah, Mazen Moadam, Elsa Zogheib, Pauline Haddad and others, along with a large number of representatives from different Arab nationalities (Palestine , Jordan …),

In 2012, he directed the Abu Janti series 2, where the artist Samer Al-Masry moved to Dubai to embody the role of a taxi driver in the Emirates to find himself in a new environment in which he gets acquainted with a car that he rented to many kinds of people and is exposed to different situations. The author of the work is Hazem Suleiman, starring artist Samer Al-Masry, Andrei Skaf, artist Samia Al-Jazaery, artist Taj Haider and Emirati artist Bilal Abdullah, in addition to other artists.

In 2010 he directed the series “My Friend, the work talks about human values: friendship and fulfillment of the covenants and what happens if these values ​​are broken and promises are broken, the series was filmed in several countries of Kuwait, Lebanon and Ukraine with the participation of representatives from various Arab nationalities, including the star Mohamed Riad from Egypt and from Lebanon Madeleine Tabar, Majdi Mashmoushi, Fouad Sharaf Al-Din, Katia Al-Kaadi, and from Syria, Wasim Al-Rahbi, Sabah Barakat and Safa Sultan, produced by Global

In 2009, he directed the series “Little Hearts”, written by Rima Fuleihan and Yara Sabri, which is a tragic series that differs from his previous works, as he directed it in a journalistic style because it belongs to reality in a large way and tells about the simple people in Syria who live in the most difficult financial and living conditions, the homeless, and the role of the elderly And on files and humanitarian issues obscured in a way that is either intended or unintended. The series is produced by Ghazal and the championship of Salloum Haddad, Yara Sabri, Mona Wasef, Amal Arafa, Kinda Hanna, Maher Salibi, Nisreen Al-Hakim, Ghazwan Al-Safadi, Shukran Murtaji, Duha Al-Debs, Abdul Hakim Qatifan and Nizar Abu Hajar

In 2008 he directed the series “Naser Darzen” in Dubai: The series tells about the relationship of six people who actually belong to one family living in the custody of mother Alia, who narrate the biography of their daily lives and talk about their problems with life and about the prospects for seeing the future through the portal of the present, the story of the work belongs To the reality of the Gulf life, which is full of many stories and tales that the Arab screen adores. The series is produced by Sama Dubai, starring Samira Ahmed, Habib Ghuloom, Zahra Arafat, Ibrahim Al-Zadjali, Shaima Sabt, and Ghanem Al-Saleh.

In 2008, the series “Heck Tjosna” produced separate stories belonging to the light social comedic style, which talks about the relationship between two and culminating in marriage, which is produced by Jumana Murad Company. The championship is Jumana Murad – Sulaf Fawakherji – Salim Kallas – Basem Yakhour – Nidal Sejri – Ayman Rida – Maxim Khalil – Shukran Murtaji – Nisreen Al Hakim – Canada Alloush – Rami Hanna – Nadine Tahseen Beg – Nabila Al Nabulsi – Sahar Fawzi – Hassan Dakkak – Sabah Al Jazaery – The struggle of the star – Zuhair Ramadan – Ghazwan Al-Safadi – and others ….

In 2007, this series “This World”, which tells in each episode, directed a short film that deals with social issues in a realistic and real way.

In 2007, this series “This World”, which tells in each episode, directed a short film that deals with social issues in a realistic and real way.

In 2006, the Syrian drama directed the series “Seerat Al Hob” written by Lubna Haddad and Yazan Al Atassi, the series includes separate separate episodes dealing with love stories, some of which are successful and some are unsuccessful and pending, in addition to various social problems such as law and marriage, which is produced by Ghazal Company and the work attracted most of the stars of the drama Syrian: Mona Wasef – Karis Bashar – Sulaf Fawakherji – Amal Arafa – Samer Al Masry – Ayman Reda – Wael Sharaf – Yara Sabry – Maher Salibi – Abdel Moneim Amayeri – Nidal Sejri- Sabah Al-Jazaery- Nadine Tahsin Bey – Amani Al-Hakim – Dima Al-Jundi – Dima Bayaa – Nizar Abu Hajar – Nabila Al Nabulsi – Nadine Khoury – Abdel Hakim Qatifan – Jha Abdo – Ahmed Zein – as the singer – and others ….

In 2005, he directed his first historical TV work entitled “A prison without doors”, produced by Kuwait. The work spoke about the period of Abd al-Rahman II in Andalusia and the work is from imagined history and not from realistic history .. The series starring Abd al-Rahman Abu al-Qasim, Hani al-Romani and Amani al-Hakim for the first time in The starring role of the absolute actor, Qasim Mallah, and from Kuwait, the Kuwaiti star Ahmed Al-Saleh and Bahrain Ibrahim Bahr participated

In 2002 he directed comic strips entitled “Nothing.”